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Your Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth loss may seem like the end of the world. Most people are aware of options for tooth replacement, but nothing could ever match the stability and look of natural teeth, right? Fortunately, with the latest technology and the most skilled dental surgeon, Dr. Andy Setaputri, at Cedar Springs Dental in Cedar Springs, MI.

Tooth-replacement Options

There are a few options for replacing a lost tooth, the most popular are dentures, bridges and dental implants. Your dentist at Cedar Springs Dental will walk you through all the choices and help guide you to the best fit.

  • Dentures are known best for their use among older folk, since they may have several teeth that have decayed or been damaged over the years. Installing dentures does not involve a long wait for healing; they can be installed after tooth extraction.

  • Bridges anchor a false tooth to adjacent teeth on either side, creating a bridge between crowns. Bridges offer great stability and position teeth better. Make sure you brush and floss, which is essential to maintaining your oral health and ensuring these bridges last.

  • Dental implants are the most stable of all the replacement. They are titanium posts osseointegrate, or fuse, to jawbone to reinforce bone. Dental implants have the closest feel and look to a real tooth and they happen to be stronger, in case there was any doubt in their durability. Dental implants not only have a solid fit, but are easy to clean with no adjustments needed.

Need to speak with a dentist?

Your teeth are more than a chewing apparatus, they impact your ability to speak, your image and your confidence. When you lose a tooth, it’s important to replace it with one that truly makes you comfortable and at ease. Dr. Andy Setaputri at Cedar Springs Dental in Cedar Springs, MI, can offer the support you need, so call (616) 696-9420 to learn more.

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