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What Dental Implants Could Do for You

Dental implants are designed to restore your smile after you’ve lost a tooth and can help your mouth function as it should. Dr. Andy Setaputri and Dr. Zane Setaputri of Cedar Springs Dental in Cedar Springs, MI, provide dental implants as a durable tooth replacement option for your smile.

How Dental Implants Can Benefit Your Smile

Your dentists in Cedar Springs, MI, can examine your smile and determine if you are eligible to benefit from dental implants. When you struggle with a lost tooth, it can be difficult to feel comfortable when smiling in public and you may find yourself criticizing pictures of yourself because of the gaps in your smile. Dental implants are made up of a titanium post that is covered by a dental crown made to look totally natural and realistic. With a dental implant, no one will even know that you were missing a tooth, to begin with.

Dental implants restore function to your smile and make it so that you can bite and chew comfortably again. You can also help prevent facial sagging from happening in the future. The dental implant replaces your missing tooth root and can help keep your jawbone intact by providing stimulation to the bone.

Not only are dental implants a great way to complete the gaps in your smile, but they’re long-lasting with the proper care. Luckily, caring for your implants is easy and won’t require any additional effort to your normal oral hygiene routine. Caring for your implants just requires you to brush and floss daily.

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Complete your smile with a long-lasting and durable solution. Contact Dr. Andy Setaputri and Dr. Zane Setaputri of Cedar Springs Dental in Cedar Springs, MI, today at (616) 696-9420!

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