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May 24, 2019
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Root canal treatment is one of the most effective dental restorations available today. By removing inflamed and damaged dental pulp, a root canal performed by Dr. Andy Setaputri of Cedar Springs Dental makes infected teeth healthy again! Read on to learn more!

The benefits of root canal therapy

The American Association of Endodontists states that dentists perform more than 15 million root canal procedures each and every year inRoot Canal the United States. What's the reason? It's simple: root canal treatments relieve pain and infection, strengthen any remaining hard structure, and avoids tooth extraction and its subsequent problems.

Your Cedar Springs, MI, dentist, Dr. Setaputri, is one of those doctors who skillfully restores teeth through root canal therapy. Taking only two visits to Cedar Springs Dental, this treatment is painless and results in a tooth that stays healthy and functional indefinitely.

The root canal procedure

After determining that your tooth needs root canal treatment, Dr. Setaputri places a protective dam around the tooth to keep it dry. Then, he numbs the problem area and extracts the infected material. Next, the areas are disinfected and strengthened with gutta-percha. After repeating the process on all canals, he finishes the tooth with a temporary crown. At a later date, he'll remove that temporary and replace it with a custom-fabricated crown.

What tells the dentist you need treatment

Your dentist's careful examination and X-ray imaging tell him if you need root canal treatment. Your symptoms play a role, too. Often, these signs indicate a tooth is in danger:

  1. Throbbing toothache discomfort
  2. A reddened, sore pimple on the gums close to the tooth
  3. Enamel discoloration
  4. A noticeable crack or chip
  5. Intense sensitivity to chewing pressure, cold, heat, or sugar
  6. Multiple fillings
  7. Extensive decay

Your prognosis

The American Dental Association indicates root canal success rate of 95 percent. The restored tooth should function well without its interior pulp and virtually last you the rest of your life.

To keep the tooth viable, be sure to brush twice a day, floss daily, and see the professional team at Cedar Springs Dental semi-annually for a routine check-up and hygienic cleaning.

Learn more

Your smile is a valuable personal asset. If you are worried about a particular tooth, please contact Cedar Springs Dental right away. If Dr. Setaputri says you need root canal treatment, rest assured that you will receive comfortable, accurate care with a reliable result. Call the office today at (616) 918-3113!


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